When You Get The Vaccine

What are you going to do when you finally get the long awaited vaccine?
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Shayne Topp // shaynetopp
Kimmy Jimenez // kimmydoesstuff
Director: Ryan Finnerty
Written By: Monica Vasandani, Ian Hecox & Kurt Maloney
Editor: Mike Small
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Head Writer: Monica Vasandani
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Jacqi Jones
Production Assistant: Andrew Harmon
DP: Brennan Iketani
Camera Operator: Kevin Rygg
Gaffer / AC: Tim Baker
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
Wardrobe: Cassidy Kean
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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  1. Johnnie Black

    Johnnie Black2 hours ago

    It’s not your fault Tim

  2. Luke Saucewalker

    Luke SaucewalkerDay ago

    I always find it weird thinking theirs people out there during quarantine just sitting alone talking to nobody. Gamers been way ahead of the curve, all our interaction is online anyway lmao

  3. Clayton Carmine

    Clayton Carmine3 days ago

    This is giving me some major don’t hug me I’m scared vibes

  4. Hà Anh

    Hà Anh3 days ago

    Cant believe shayne is almost 50

  5. Dan Dlion

    Dan Dlion4 days ago

    I'm not going to get the experimental vaccine

  6. hollowtree

    hollowtree5 days ago

    I know this is a joke video but people think when they have the vaccine they are immune to the virus which is true but you can still spread it to people. so anyway yeah don't take this as a joke millions of people have died from this virus and there's billions cases of people having it and getting sick from it even young people like losing their senses.

  7. Peter Davies

    Peter Davies7 days ago

    From the original Smosh Ian: I’ve gotta ram it in a little harder! 😲 Anthony: THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!! 😖

  8. Kong Doo

    Kong Doo8 days ago

    From ASSASSIN'S CREED 3 ULTIMATE SONG to what ever crap this is..

  9. Shrekky Devitwo

    Shrekky Devitwo9 days ago

    Stay away from my gummy sharks

  10. Juergen Francisco

    Juergen Francisco9 days ago

    Pethetic you drink dish soap while I drink a soap bar dropped

  11. Brady Beckley

    Brady Beckley10 days ago

    Go make out with Tim is the best part lol

  12. Gene Paul Siaboc

    Gene Paul Siaboc10 days ago

    i'm getting some of dhmis vibes

  13. JJMe Disneycool

    JJMe Disneycool11 days ago

    I’m ain’t gettin the reckon vaccine! Not unless they force me or say that’s the only way I can stop wearing a mask. Then I might just be desperate enough lol

  14. Brandon Elrod

    Brandon Elrod11 days ago

    Tim and Kimmy though... That's a Netflix original I didn't know I'd watch.

  15. Jeffrey Clutter

    Jeffrey Clutter11 days ago

    This is so accurate. It's like I'm getting vaccinated, but that strain tho!

  16. Lauren Schlepp

    Lauren Schlepp12 days ago

    Wow, Shane didn't have to call me out with the "idea of human contact is uncomfortable now" line....... anyone else develop intimacy issues after this year of isolation? Like IDK how to even make friends as an adult anymore.

  17. Matthew Limerick

    Matthew Limerick12 days ago

    I just love when Tim Cameos in a video!

  18. ItsSamSK

    ItsSamSK12 days ago

    I want to go to aquapark

  19. Soonami Sapphire

    Soonami Sapphire13 days ago

    1:37 oh my goodness Ian is still so cute to this day and I love how they're lighting makes his eyes look so blue in this video Don't be lonely Ian, u have good friends

  20. Soonami Sapphire

    Soonami Sapphire13 days ago

    3:27 "ya it's teRRifying" For some reason I just love how Shane says this sentence and how his voice gets higher pitched in the middle not really cracking I don't know why

  21. Martha Lockett

    Martha Lockett13 days ago

    Lol Shayne drinking washing up liquid at the beginning😆

  22. maddi jepson-holloway

    maddi jepson-holloway14 days ago

    this is so funny i cant

  23. Berco TV

    Berco TV15 days ago

    They should make an instrumental version of this

  24. MF SHACO

    MF SHACO15 days ago

    "What are you going to do when you finally get the long awaited vaccine?" uhhh not get it

  25. EthanCraft

    EthanCraft15 days ago

    when I get the vaccine, I'll lose my reason to stay home and play minecraft

  26. Roope Ankka

    Roope Ankka16 days ago

    Im gonna go fly to another country with NO MASK 😎

  27. Elise Xuereb

    Elise Xuereb16 days ago

    Looooooool so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Toon Mage Channel

    Toon Mage Channel18 days ago

    This sounds like a Don't Hug Me I'm Scared song. I'm just waiting for it to be darker.

  29. Joshua Kosar

    Joshua Kosar18 days ago

    This felt so... "Auntie donna" ... Cracked me up👍

  30. Zoey Stewart

    Zoey Stewart18 days ago

    don’t hug me i’m scared vibes

  31. Brittney Parr

    Brittney Parr19 days ago

    Hopefully the answer isn't "get blood clots"

  32. Kingsman GTA-Gaming

    Kingsman GTA-Gaming19 days ago

    just stay inside for another 12 years

  33. Evg3niaa T

    Evg3niaa T19 days ago


  34. Antoine Mayrand

    Antoine Mayrand20 days ago

    Already got the vaccine, and my life is the same 😢

  35. Gasy Gabe

    Gasy Gabe21 day ago

    that song is bomb

  36. Johan Nord

    Johan Nord21 day ago

    I have already gotten the vaccine

  37. Charlotte s

    Charlotte s22 days ago


  38. Olivia Shanks

    Olivia Shanks23 days ago

    Oh no! Poor Tim! Why does our good friend Tim always have to be the butt of the joke?! Lmao! 😢😂💔

  39. Mahnur Asif

    Mahnur Asif23 days ago

    No one: Shayne: casually drinks dish soap

  40. wild wolf

    wild wolf23 days ago

    Ian what have u become!!

  41. Soonami Sapphire

    Soonami Sapphire13 days ago


  42. alfredo pampliega

    alfredo pampliega23 days ago

    top tier

  43. Yggdrasil

    Yggdrasil23 days ago

    You’re probably going to get Bell’s palsy

  44. crown council of 13

    crown council of 1324 days ago

    So cringe shit

  45. Trin v

    Trin v25 days ago

    the most white people thing ive ever seen

  46. AnimeAngel 20

    AnimeAngel 2025 days ago

    Idk why...but this reminded me of Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared...lol!

  47. Mikasa loves EXO

    Mikasa loves EXO25 days ago

    This is too funny🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Papalegsrick

    Papalegsrick26 days ago

    1:50 DONT DO DRUGS

  49. masah zeghoul

    masah zeghoul26 days ago

    Smosh: what are you going when you get the vaccine Me: jokes on you I already got it.

  50. Bandobaby Kay247

    Bandobaby Kay24729 days ago

    Smosh fell off

  51. Jet Patto

    Jet Patto29 days ago

    this is one of smosh's best videos

  52. Noah Russell

    Noah RussellMonth ago

    Is it just me or is ian just cringe af now :(

  53. Aleta Prysock

    Aleta PrysockMonth ago

    Shayne casually drinking dish soap is life

  54. Mahnur Asif

    Mahnur Asif23 days ago

    Was looking for this comment

  55. Petunia

    PetuniaMonth ago

    Man I love Tim

  56. Ephraim Pyros Avilla

    Ephraim Pyros AvillaMonth ago

    "Can't stand another year of this." Manila Rn : k

  57. General Jake

    General JakeMonth ago

    "what are you gonna do when you get the vaccine" watch motivational lizard on a loop for 3 hours until i have enough confidence to go outside and buy some pringles you guys?

  58. Phoenix Swanson

    Phoenix SwansonMonth ago

    Sell outs

  59. Andrew the Man

    Andrew the ManMonth ago

    I only got part of the vaccine but I’m excited to see my friends again

  60. black

    blackMonth ago

    1:03 OMG ian

  61. Dr. CheekClappers

    Dr. CheekClappersMonth ago


  62. Hannah Shum

    Hannah ShumMonth ago

    why is this actually a bop

  63. AdryanDreamer

    AdryanDreamerMonth ago

    Major Will McDaniel, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared and some old Smosh vibes, loved it!

  64. Nicholas Wilson

    Nicholas WilsonMonth ago

    This needs to happin



    When I get the vaccine I’m going to wait 4 years to move to Florida and then never come back.

  66. shamangirl22

    shamangirl22Month ago

    Didn't Tim use to work for Tobuscus?

  67. nola griffis

    nola griffisMonth ago

    Shane literally put soap in his coffee

  68. Quatschk0pf R.W.

    Quatschk0pf R.W.Month ago

    Why did I miss this?!😂

  69. Bryan Yap

    Bryan YapMonth ago


  70. mathusan

    mathusanMonth ago

    This video was... weird

  71. David Cavalcanti

    David CavalcantiMonth ago

    This is way too relatable to Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

  72. Cindy Draws

    Cindy DrawsMonth ago

    And now I'm addicted to this song. "aH wHat aRe yOu gOnnA dO wHen yOu gEt tHe vAcc1nE?¡???"

  73. Yasmin A.F

    Yasmin A.FMonth ago

    this reminds me of dont hug me im scared

  74. Oneye

    OneyeMonth ago

    Whi....nope nope not this. ( this is a rly funny video)

  75. Katie Spangenberger

    Katie SpangenbergerMonth ago

    Tim is everyones favorite smosh character and u cant prove me wrong

  76. bailey santiago

    bailey santiagoMonth ago

    i agree i would like to do that and htis is funny but still you have to remain the same even after u get the vaccine.

  77. Lester Crest

    Lester CrestMonth ago

    Man Ian and Anthony are getting so old😔

  78. Uttam Singh

    Uttam SinghMonth ago

    Best song every

  79. -Peachylxv-

    -Peachylxv-Month ago

    Nobody: Shayne: Drinking soap

  80. G Sleazy

    G SleazyMonth ago

    That had me rolling I was like "I hope he put juice in there or else what the heck did he do 😂"

  81. T-800

    T-800Month ago

    I miss the old smosh only ian is the funny here

  82. the Friend Nora

    the Friend NoraMonth ago

    Did anyone notice shayne was drinking the dishsoap in the beginning? Lol

  83. Boxcar

    BoxcarMonth ago

    Remember when smosh was funny yeesh this is cringe AF

  84. Damien Revilla

    Damien RevillaMonth ago

    Bring Back Anthony

  85. Abdul Basit

    Abdul BasitMonth ago

    This is underrated

  86. Juan Pedraw

    Juan PedrawMonth ago

    "Now let's all agree, to never eat a bat soup again." *notepad shut*

  87. TheDumbGuy

    TheDumbGuy9 days ago

    Meanwhile in China Hmm lets try snake soup

  88. SHUT UP ! Son

    SHUT UP ! SonMonth ago

    When u love to live alone

  89. Eleanor Wagus

    Eleanor WagusMonth ago

    *What u gonna do when u get da vaccine!?* *Me: I Gonna Grab My* *Sneaker, Hit My Ex With* *Itz. Then Ima Watch* *Him Cry And Beg For* *Me Back. Then I’m Gonna* *Dump His Young A^^. Yes* *He Lied Abt His Age To Date* *Me.* *Anyways Love Y’all Have A Great Day :D

  90. Hope

    HopeMonth ago

    Remember if you get the vaccine you still can get sick just at a low likeableity



    Smosh ian vs antoni

  92. Amanda Wells Venegas

    Amanda Wells VenegasMonth ago

    Ah yes, descending through the levels of quarantine induced insanity. Thanks USloft 2021

  93. CSW YT

    CSW YTMonth ago

    I think I'm just gonna wait to see all of the side effects that people get from testing out all of the vaccines...

  94. CSW YT

    CSW YTMonth ago

    I think I'm just gonna wait to see all of the side effects that people get from testing out all of the vaccines...

  95. Tate Bergus

    Tate BergusMonth ago

    I like how it constantly switches from happy to extremely depressive. Haha, relatable.

  96. PenguinsCan'tSwim

    PenguinsCan'tSwimMonth ago

    Tim's quarantine beard is amazing!!!

  97. Megan Anderson

    Megan AndersonMonth ago

    I got my first of two vaccines last night

  98. Jerry Okazaki

    Jerry OkazakiMonth ago

    Maybe ian should join Anthony's Channel and be a co host in Interviews

  99. PC GUY

    PC GUYMonth ago

    You literally ripped off Australian Comedians, Aunty Donna everything's a drum.

  100. Nairo Camilo

    Nairo CamiloMonth ago

    Smosh meets Aunty Donna

  101. Bella Gamez

    Bella GamezMonth ago

    I think this is my fave smosh video

  102. Brokenz Minecraft

    Brokenz MinecraftMonth ago

    I’m gonna stay in my room just like I did before

  103. Lianna Caulk

    Lianna CaulkMonth ago

    Imagine being in a comma for the entire pandemic and waking up to this

  104. Shane Miller

    Shane MillerMonth ago

    Totally expected plot twist. Americans get the vaccine only for new strain to keep us all in lockdown and wearing masks.