1. Lisheng leo

    Lisheng leo3 hours ago

    ncie animation

  2. xExotiic _M4fiiA

    xExotiic _M4fiiA3 hours ago

    2021 damn boys, we’re getting old

  3. cdawg803 XD

    cdawg803 XD3 hours ago

    My favorite

  4. Intrinsically Last

    Intrinsically Last3 hours ago

    Ah yes, the video that turned Ian into Courtney's Dad.

  5. Chubby solaire, eater of pussy

    Chubby solaire, eater of pussy3 hours ago

    had to get a dose of nostalgia today

  6. Josh Mahal

    Josh Mahal3 hours ago

    1:11 Corgi smegma

  7. Landon Beaulieu

    Landon Beaulieu3 hours ago


  8. Annette Atkins

    Annette Atkins3 hours ago

    Why is this popping up in my recommended 11 years later?? 😂

  9. snapie boi

    snapie boi4 hours ago

    im watching this in 2021

  10. Abdul Rehman

    Abdul Rehman4 hours ago

    ending moral should be stated in stories

  11. Amber Lynn Martin

    Amber Lynn Martin4 hours ago

    Ian has the best hair….. I mean I find Ringo Starr attractive and he basically had the bowl cut like Ian.

  12. Kallenraj Rai

    Kallenraj Rai4 hours ago

    The old smosh was the best.

  13. christopher hall

    christopher hall4 hours ago

    hows the black guy

  14. Fitzula's Reviews

    Fitzula's Reviews4 hours ago

    First introduction of peter

  15. Emily Ferguson

    Emily Ferguson4 hours ago

    Ian looking like he’s addicted to spice melange in that hello fresh ad

  16. EyalH

    EyalH4 hours ago

    The commercial was better than the concept of video lol

  17. Mason Gollihar

    Mason Gollihar4 hours ago

    That courtney and Kimmy scene was genuinely uncomfortable

  18. Mason Gollihar

    Mason Gollihar4 hours ago

    Jackie wiping her tears with a pbj is a whole ass mood. Also jackie and Kimmey have such great chemistry

  19. Wolf Chan

    Wolf Chan4 hours ago

    Is anybody watching this in 2021 ?

  20. Ostara's Classic Books

    Ostara's Classic Books4 hours ago

    Oh my God I can totally relate to the person who has to listen to the person who has had every problem you are going through but worse. I just wish they would go away lol

  21. David

    David4 hours ago

    How ironic is it that an ad about Five Hour Energy just played?

  22. SaltyWolf JR

    SaltyWolf JR4 hours ago

    (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

  23. SaltyWolf JR

    SaltyWolf JR4 hours ago

    ^_^(●'◡'●)༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  24. theninjapenguin 5

    theninjapenguin 54 hours ago

    Holy crap how’d they get Hello Fresh? They really be ranking up 😂

  25. The Rhinestone

    The Rhinestone4 hours ago

    This was the first youtube video I ever saw

  26. Athenium

    Athenium4 hours ago

    Best Hello Fresh read ever

  27. Geronimo

    Geronimo4 hours ago

    director Cortney 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  28. Hi

    Hi4 hours ago


  29. TOXIC_bstgeorges Gaming

    TOXIC_bstgeorges Gaming4 hours ago

    I like the new guy he is funny

  30. bar of soap

    bar of soap4 hours ago

    A decade later and im still bumpin dis

  31. Yamanno

    Yamanno4 hours ago

    9 years ago i think this was funny... 2021, and nothing changed hahahaha

  32. RanDom Alien

    RanDom Alien4 hours ago

    I rmb asking my mum to let me get it when i first saw this video when i was 9

  33. Dumb Weirdo dude

    Dumb Weirdo dude4 hours ago

    Why is this in my recommended?

  34. Paul Jameson

    Paul Jameson4 hours ago

    “Ian get off my set.” So that explains where Courtney was this whole time 😂

  35. Robert

    Robert5 hours ago

    Has Ian developed a drug problem or something? Dude looks like strung out..

  36. Patty Webb

    Patty Webb5 hours ago

    0:11Fantastic! come, let's talk

  37. zebr omnom

    zebr omnom5 hours ago

    Golden age of USloft

  38. Marianne Palima

    Marianne Palima5 hours ago

    3:26 True Friendship

  39. Daku Masku

    Daku Masku5 hours ago

    Fire emblem heroes

  40. Marianne Palima

    Marianne Palima5 hours ago

    0:39 This is how you know Shayne and Damien are best friends forever

  41. CthulhUWUa

    CthulhUWUa5 hours ago

    What happened to you smosh? You used to be cool

  42. jordan kendall

    jordan kendall5 hours ago

    1:10 makes me want a Every Endorsement/Brand Deal Ever

  43. cquick 3

    cquick 35 hours ago

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  44. Human Haker9

    Human Haker95 hours ago

    Oh hey skedadudlers

  45. Geisha Phoem Talo

    Geisha Phoem Talo5 hours ago

    kimmy and jackie🥺🥺❤️❤️

  46. J's Armory

    J's Armory5 hours ago

    OG smosh I love it

  47. xcheeseburgersaladx

    xcheeseburgersaladx5 hours ago

    Yo this is the opposite of wasted time

  48. Nayops 20

    Nayops 205 hours ago

    1:22 , 3:27 2021 Watching❓🤣

  49. NivramRai

    NivramRai5 hours ago

    Door stuck door stuck'

  50. Niles S

    Niles S5 hours ago

    the legend begins

  51. Niles S

    Niles S5 hours ago

    I miss how things used to be

  52. Stop motion Gordon

    Stop motion Gordon5 hours ago

    I guess lemon is the spiciest fruit

  53. Cartoonking3

    Cartoonking35 hours ago

    Who the hell even has their friends throws frozen nuggets at their friends, just so they can eat it?! 2:44

  54. you'refavoritenonbinary

    you'refavoritenonbinary5 hours ago

    The power between Jackie and Kimmy is undeniably amazing

  55. Standrp Rosete

    Standrp Rosete5 hours ago

    Oh don’t mind me I’m just here for the Graphics. :D

  56. Kimberly Moyer

    Kimberly Moyer5 hours ago

    Matt Richison

  57. Dylan Nakahara

    Dylan Nakahara5 hours ago

    anthony talking a speech

  58. John Ebrite

    John Ebrite5 hours ago

    Ooooooh, crap!!! David Hill working on Mythical AND Smosh?!?!? Sweet!!

  59. Pain

    Pain5 hours ago

    Bhad bhabie.

  60. isuru lakmina

    isuru lakmina5 hours ago

    Miss you anthani padila💔

  61. John Robles

    John Robles5 hours ago

    Ian looks hi not to lie.

  62. jasmine

    jasmine5 hours ago

    best hellofresh ad ive ever seen no lie

  63. HappyAngel Gaming

    HappyAngel Gaming6 hours ago

    Every SIMP Ever?

  64. jimevers100

    jimevers1006 hours ago

    I’m sorry but anyone else think Noah’s “back of the shed” song sounded like a banger

  65. Melanie Russell

    Melanie Russell6 hours ago

    Kimmy is a gift. I'm so glad she's a part of Smosh now. Love you all but Kimmy is my favorite :)

  66. GhostA1pha 47

    GhostA1pha 476 hours ago

    Bro hello fresh chicken is goated me and my family get it

  67. Sarah Williams

    Sarah Williams6 hours ago

    The bit that started around 4:24 brought visceral memories of the time my dad brought home weight watchers information for me and had told the lady he talked to I'd be calling her. Please note I was in my early 20s at that point.

  68. LPSAlice

    LPSAlice6 hours ago

    i love courtneys "get off my set" cuz she directed

  69. Lisandro Valle

    Lisandro Valle6 hours ago

    They serve soup?

  70. Nayops 20

    Nayops 206 hours ago

    1:18 Roger - WhAt ThE hElL iN tHe WoRlD iS tHaT⁉️ 2:30 Timothy - Quick Roger, call in the troops❗️

  71. z

    z6 hours ago


  72. simplegirl265

    simplegirl2656 hours ago

    I do the thing with the fridge on a daily basis

  73. IsaacPlayzYT

    IsaacPlayzYT6 hours ago

    video idea: America’s Next Top Chad

  74. mr bork

    mr bork6 hours ago


  75. Tap

    Tap6 hours ago

    I straight-up want this on iTunes

  76. SG DragonHunter

    SG DragonHunter6 hours ago

    2:57 what the fu-

  77. Damian Martinez

    Damian Martinez6 hours ago

    Damn just realized that I was one month old when this came out 🥲

  78. Bry Guy

    Bry Guy6 hours ago

    Low key feel like current Smosh should take some inspiration from old Smosh

  79. Angel Silva

    Angel Silva6 hours ago

    Still a banger

  80. Chuck Earls

    Chuck Earls6 hours ago

    Wtf that Morgz I pression is funny as hell how is that so accurate🤣🤣🤣