1. 이하늘

    이하늘20 hours ago

    Y'all this is canon

  2. Tomasz Skowroński

    Tomasz Skowroński20 hours ago

    Anyone else feels that Amanda should play Lady Dimitrescu? No? Just me? Ok.

  3. nsz

    nsz20 hours ago

    Is has been a year in smash has reached 1000 more subs

  4. BeastLegendsTCG

    BeastLegendsTCG20 hours ago


  5. PikachuPower

    PikachuPower20 hours ago

    Im a. Idiot

  6. Oliver Partis

    Oliver Partis20 hours ago

    Ah I got this recommended

  7. BeastLegendsTCG

    BeastLegendsTCG20 hours ago

    Now this is freaking nostalgia!

  8. Pete’s Adventures!!

    Pete’s Adventures!!20 hours ago

    Does anyone remember that video where they fought over a donut that had beans in it

  9. op_ Abstract

    op_ Abstract20 hours ago

    Get Anthony back

  10. Rusted Ciruit

    Rusted Ciruit20 hours ago

    Why did i think this was real before i saw smosh people

  11. Nayops 20

    Nayops 2021 hour ago

    5:36 , 6:28 Pffffffft🤣👏🏼

  12. Coreybug 2010

    Coreybug 201021 hour ago

    3:39 that dudes hat in the background XD

  13. -Pool Tin Vlog-

    -Pool Tin Vlog-21 hour ago

    That intro music is the greatest song ever

  14. Mark Harbath

    Mark Harbath21 hour ago

    Fun fact this first food battle is the first food battle when I was alive

  15. Đức Anh Lê

    Đức Anh Lê21 hour ago


  16. nz films

    nz films21 hour ago

    Did they say SUS queen 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 Sorry I had to do it

  17. emilia

    emilia21 hour ago

    3:30 me a German watching this: 👁️👄👁️

  18. This is Ajang

    This is Ajang21 hour ago

    Lisa is like the only adult among the rambunctious children

  19. cheemsCODM

    cheemsCODM21 hour ago

    I can only hear anthony bruh

  20. Lorenz Cordero

    Lorenz Cordero21 hour ago

    Thought this was real till I saw it was from smosh

  21. Song bird

    Song bird21 hour ago

    My sister's name is Claudia and alot of people pronouce it like Damien does.

  22. Yaseen Mohd

    Yaseen Mohd21 hour ago


  23. Mr. WB

    Mr. WB21 hour ago

    Give me the beanwater 😆

  24. Lukas Novikas

    Lukas Novikas21 hour ago


  25. vAlexanderx

    vAlexanderx21 hour ago

    Shane’s skit reminded me of my dad my dad does the same thing (Shane’s first skit)

  26. Sanaa Abdul Jabar

    Sanaa Abdul Jabar21 hour ago

    Lol, I wasn’t even born by this time😂

  27. It's Me Yohan

    It's Me Yohan21 hour ago

    Hua hua hua hua

  28. Acrkin

    Acrkin22 hours ago

    Wait is lice is a big deal in elementary in US?

  29. jordan_collazo28

    jordan_collazo2822 hours ago

    Anyone else getting this recommended 10 years letter?

  30. Shonemeister

    Shonemeister22 hours ago

    Food Battle the Game Shonemeister Approves 👍

  31. Joseph Johns

    Joseph Johns22 hours ago

    Miss frizzle is the boss teacher

  32. Sebastian Torre

    Sebastian Torre22 hours ago

    Mark did not want to be there.

  33. Mortal Kombat Content

    Mortal Kombat Content22 hours ago

    It’s been 9 years why is this on my feed 😩


    ZUES SHLØK22 hours ago

    Who else here misses the SHUT UP intro?

  35. Reg Reg

    Reg Reg22 hours ago

    Ля, такие ржачные, что на их фоне любой юмор, и даже настоящий , тускнеет...

  36. Orion McCracken

    Orion McCracken22 hours ago

    I feel second hand embarrassment for Cortney, I feel so bad😂😂

  37. Ralph And Leo

    Ralph And Leo22 hours ago

    Buying all the I-Pads was a cheap price, it would usually cost 25 wallets.

  38. JxHuzair

    JxHuzair22 hours ago

    They predicted the black widow movie way before marvel 😂🤣🤣🤣

  39. alizabeth angok

    alizabeth angok22 hours ago


  40. alizabeth angok

    alizabeth angok22 hours ago


  41. alizabeth angok

    alizabeth angok22 hours ago


  42. Jordy Duron

    Jordy Duron22 hours ago

    The reason I bought Assassin’s Creed 3 when I was 12

  43. Fathurrahim Boim

    Fathurrahim Boim22 hours ago

    This will sounds weird, but I missed Ian's Mom.

  44. Ralph And Leo

    Ralph And Leo22 hours ago

    This is the most mortifying thing in a child's life, enough to give them PTSD.

  45. dhyrbfyty -alberts love

    dhyrbfyty -alberts love22 hours ago

    Plot twist: it was Anthony’s yogurt

  46. Vanlalnunpuia Hauhnar

    Vanlalnunpuia Hauhnar22 hours ago

    Still don’t know what Sherpa is

  47. Nile vinsmoke

    Nile vinsmoke22 hours ago

    She's the only adult working with children

  48. Master_PandaYT

    Master_PandaYT22 hours ago

    Siri we’re the nearest store where they sell a gallon of bleach?

  49. Mono??

    Mono??22 hours ago

    First time seeing this and I didn't know it was a reference from the anime

  50. Vanlalnunpuia Hauhnar

    Vanlalnunpuia Hauhnar22 hours ago

    I’m coming back after 30 years!!!

  51. LAC

    LAC22 hours ago

    What it's like to part of the HR department in Smosh

  52. Crown Gamerz

    Crown Gamerz22 hours ago

    Super nice

  53. Ethan Garcia

    Ethan Garcia23 hours ago

    Watching regular people jump remind me how much basketball players are athletes

  54. Stevietfan

    Stevietfan23 hours ago

    0:08 why does he sound like jayy

  55. Vanlalnunpuia Hauhnar

    Vanlalnunpuia Hauhnar23 hours ago

    I’ll take that veteran discount please

  56. Crocy boi

    Crocy boi23 hours ago

    Ah yes my permenant mood "angry and horny "

  57. DarcyIsLame

    DarcyIsLame23 hours ago

    Old Smosh videos age like fine wine...

  58. Penguin701

    Penguin70123 hours ago

    Me : Can I get a Filet-o-Fish please? Worker: Ok

  59. Tyler Hunter

    Tyler Hunter23 hours ago

    This is pure gold

  60. Moosedraw

    Moosedraw23 hours ago

    Jackie dancing while getting into the car is great hahahaha

  61. Penguin701

    Penguin70123 hours ago

    Me:Can I get a Shrimp Ciabatta

  62. Corey Brown

    Corey Brown23 hours ago

    I just realized that Shane was in Henry danger

  63. Super walaOuija Marlar

    Super walaOuija Marlar23 hours ago

    Hey peter hey hey peter

  64. Simon Egli

    Simon Egli23 hours ago

    Wait, Ian drives a cayenne???

  65. Stevietfan

    Stevietfan23 hours ago

    Great vid though

  66. Eagles Guy

    Eagles Guy23 hours ago

    The way that popeyes cashier screamed when he got stabbed tho. 😂☠️

  67. Stevietfan

    Stevietfan23 hours ago

    I’m only 10 and Im just scared of puberty after watching this :((((((((((((

  68. planemod

    planemod23 hours ago

    3:48 PEN15-0520

  69. DonAnimations Official

    DonAnimations Official23 hours ago

    Lol old smosh vs new

  70. Humble 2

    Humble 223 hours ago

    Seeing Keith jam to the dollar store song is heaven to me

  71. Felix York

    Felix York23 hours ago

    She sounds exactly like Jan from the office

  72. Anonymous Panda

    Anonymous Panda23 hours ago

    Funny, but the Steven Hawking part was a bit rude and discriminating. Even before his sad departure.

  73. Jameson Tse

    Jameson Tse23 hours ago

    The ability to make everything free

  74. Jesua Sevilla

    Jesua Sevilla23 hours ago

    This is my childhood right here

  75. phil jancik

    phil jancik23 hours ago

    one of the best smosh videos

  76. Lukas Novikas

    Lukas Novikas23 hours ago

    2:40 autocorrect

  77. Brad Uchiha

    Brad Uchiha23 hours ago

    Wtf happened to this channel I mean it was always a bit cringe but this is embarrassing

  78. Junjun Hidalgo

    Junjun Hidalgo23 hours ago

    Anthony was right cuz its fun dead

  79. Ziad elabd

    Ziad elabd23 hours ago

    The Shane Olivia,Courtney war movie might be a actually good movie